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Arbitrations as a Way to Make Money on the Internet and url opener extension for chrome

The next type of earnings that I want to present in my next post is the so-called arbitration. What it is and what it is eaten with, we will consider below, but for now, I propose to subscribe to the RSS of my site and be always aware of new ways to make money on the Internet.

Arbitration is the purchase of a product or service to sell at a higher price. As follows from the presented definition, this is the same trade. It’s just that the definition of “arbitration” is more often used on the Internet, about goods that do not have physical expression. That is, buying a TV and a refrigerator through an online resale store is more a classic trade than arbitrage. To make it clearer, we will list the types of the most common and typical arbitration operations on the Internet.

  1. Traffic arbitrage:

This is perhaps the most common type of arbitration on the Internet. Traffic is the number of user clicks and url opener extension for chrome. You buy traffic at one price and sell it at a higher price. And here the word “sale” is not entirely appropriate, since in its pure form it is used only on automated traffic exchanges. As applied to ordinary moneymakers, “traffic arbitrage” means converting the traffic they bought on the sites of affiliate programs into money, which is paid for each order of goods, each new registration, sent SMSs, and more.

What do you need to do traffic arbitrage and url opener extension for chrome?

- money to buy it. Depending on the competition in your chosen topic, the cost of a click in contextual advertising will range from 1 cent and can go up to several tens of dollars, which is more typical for a bourgeoisie.

The highest quality (quality means the absence of clicks by robots on advertisements) traffic can be bought on the following sites:,, You can also try various teaser networks, but the quality of traffic there may be worse.

- choose an affiliate program to which you will send purchased traffic. At the moment, the most common ones are losing weight, quitting smoking, downloading a new movie.

- and create ads with affiliate offer advertising. For example, “a unique technique for losing weight in two weeks.

Download for SMS ”. A user who clicks on this ad will go to the website of the affiliate program, after which he will decide to download this technique or not. If he decides to download it, he will send a paid SMS, a percentage of which will be credited to your account in the affiliate program.

How to calculate your benefit? For example, you bought 1000 clicks at 60 kopecks per link, that is, your costs will be 600 rubles. Out of 1000 users who switched, only 20 sent SMS and bought the technique. Thus, your income will be equal to 20 SMS multiplied by 100 (the size of your commission from one SMS, which is different in different affiliate programs), the total income was 2000 rubles. So the net profit was 1,400 rubles or 130%. This is a very good indicator. But, not everything is so smooth. The main problem lies in the current policy of mobile operators, which do not withdraw money from the subscriber’s account if he has a negative balance after the operation. Plus, recently, providers have been sending warning SMS about the specific cost of the message.

2) Content arbitration:

Everything is simple here: we order on the exchange we sell it with a surcharge. For example, we will order a rewrite at 50 cents per kilo of characters. And let’s sell for 70 cents a kilo. The profitability is about 40%. Not bad, right?

3) Arbitration of ad space:

The work algorithm is as follows: find a site with good traffic, and then agree with the site owners to rent a banner at a certain price. After that, it remains to find a client who will agree to be hosted on this site for a higher price. You can also place your ad on the purchased space, and drain traffic to affiliate programs, if, of course, the conversion will allow.

4) Arbitration of places under links:

In principle, the same thing as the previous point. But, the main thing here is the sites — TIC and PR, and not its traffic. The higher they are, the more expensive links you will be able to sell, more precisely resell (we are talking about arbitration).

5) Arbitration of electronic currencies such as WebMoney, Yandex, Money and others:

You can engage in an exchange by taking a spread that is smaller than in popular exchangers. The main thing here is not to face scammers.

Naturally, other types of arbitration allow you to make money on the Internet, which can be listed endlessly. The post listed only the most popular types of arbitrage operations, therefore, when new types of such business appear, it will be replenished.

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